Locked-in Range Analysis. The Beginning

“As globalization advances, people perceive the world as one homogeneous, highly competitive marketplace. Given that assumption, anyone who might have had the ambition to look for a secret will first ask himself: if it were possible to discover something new, wouldn’t someone from the faceless global talent pool of smarter and more creative people have found it already? This voice of doubt can dissuade people from even starting to look for secrets in a world that seems too big a place for any individual to contribute something unique.” - Peter Thiel, “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future”

In my book, I’ve articulated what everyone feels and understands, but finds it difficult to verbalize.

If you’re only starting to get acquainted with trading, this book will show you the market from the inside and help you to understand whether or not you really want to speculate.

If you’re trading already, you will find confirmation of your guesses and perhaps, even get what you were looking for.

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