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  • QUESTION: How many years LRA works?
  • ANSWER: Since 1992. CME Globex was introduced in 1992 as the first global electronic trading platform for futures contracts.
  • QUESTION: Thank you for your book
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Good LRA days
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thanks
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: I've shorted EURUSD and AUDUSD by LRA and get some profit! This is very cool to understand the market. Thank you for the real method
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • ANSWER: No. There is no Locked-in Ranges
  • QUESTION: Thanks to your reports, I'm learning to analyze futures and my analysis coincides with yours already
  • ANSWER: Good to hear
  • QUESTION: I buy all Indexes today by LRA and have a profit from the beginning. Cool thx!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Your book is the best for understanding the futures market and forex
  • ANSWER: Cause & Effect trading is the one way to make money in markets
  • QUESTION: I've opened CL buy order after resistance LR cancellation and get some profit today!) LRA is awesome. Thank you twice
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thank you for free cause-effect method of analysis! I think this is the one way to make money by trading
  • ANSWER: Thanks for the Feedback. My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Holy Grail!
  • ANSWER: LRA is not a new method, I’ve described the method used by professional market participants
  • QUESTION: Thanks for real method!!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: All Indexes Short by LRA?
  • ANSWER: Yes as we have resistance LRs (3/3).
  • QUESTION: Thank you for your work
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: how we can work in intraday signals with your reports ?
  • ANSWER: LRA gives us an understanding of the market OI disbalance, so we get the cause-effect direction to open our positions
  • QUESTION: Canadian Dollar Short?
  • ANSWER: No. We need the resistance LR for a short.
  • QUESTION: Your LRA book is the best LRA trading book ever!
  • ANSWER: Yes, thank you
  • QUESTION: This week was highly profitable by LRA! Awesome analysis! Thank you Tom
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thank you for LRA!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thanks for your ebook
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thank you for reports. I like my profit by LRA!!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: LRA Reports are awesome!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Is my Natural Gas Short from 2.770 with Take Profit at 2.720 be by LRA?
  • ANSWER: Yes, this was the LRA entry
  • QUESTION: LRA is my holy grail
  • ANSWER: That is right!)
  • QUESTION: thanks for the book Tom!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Cool thx!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Are you still planning to start Skype Mentoring in March?
  • ANSWER: Yes (around the end of the month)
  • QUESTION: Best trading book!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: good article, thanks
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thank you for the article!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: LRA is the ONE right method to trade
  • ANSWER: Yes
  • QUESTION: Great book!
  • ANSWER: Thank you
  • QUESTION: Buy euro FX ?
  • ANSWER: No. We need the support LR for a start. Only then you can try to buy
  • QUESTION: Thanks for cause&effect method! Works great!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Lana Orlovskaya said that the market maker is no longer on the stock exchange?
  • ANSWER: Do you mean CME (Futures Exchange)? Yes, there are no official market makers, but the "marketmaking system" performs similar actions, so for a simple understanding we also call them market makers
  • QUESTION: I’ve reviewed your book several times and I am still not understanding how you find the LRA zones. Can you provide just one clear step by step example? Are you looking at open interest reports and comparing values then finding a range that broke out that day, validating with volume? If not, maybe your example will help me and anyone else who is lost.
  • ANSWER: Good question. Thank you. No problem about examples. I'll try to create a new article "How to determine Locked-in Ranges. Step by step" this weekend
  • QUESTION: In your book you say market makers can see.. 1) Data featuring all existing placed limited orders. 2) Data featuring all existing placed stop orders. 3) Data featuring all open positions: price, volume, and side of order (buy/sell)..... As a retail trader, we can only see #1, correct? No way to see #2/3?
  • ANSWER: Yes, we can only see #1. Moreover, market makers to see #2 & #3 use not entirely legitimate methods
  • QUESTION: February 21 is my best trading day ever !! ! I can't believe that your LRA method can be so accurate.
  • ANSWER: Nice to hear
  • QUESTION: I always dreamed of such locked-in OI reports. Thanks Tom too!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: My trading day begins with your LRA reports)
  • ANSWER: That is right)
  • QUESTION: Short Indexes?
  • ANSWER: When resistance LR will be confirmed only
  • QUESTION: Good book!
  • ANSWER: Thank you
  • QUESTION: Is Scalping by LRA real?
  • ANSWER: Yes. LRA gives you the direction to trade by any strategy.
  • QUESTION: Hi Tom, your method I've learnt to trade 2 years ago from prof trader of US hedgefund. Thank you for the free book and your reports
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thanks for daily reports.
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: I've bought 6E yesterday by LRA and have + $900 per contract. Works really great. My risk was $150 per contract
  • ANSWER: Good trade!
  • QUESTION: LRA works great for me
  • ANSWER: Glad to hear it
  • QUESTION: Thanks!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thanks for the free book. Now its my trading bible
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Awesome! I've doubled my money by Indexes Shorts for 2 times! Thank you!!!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure & Thank to LRA
  • QUESTION: Tom you are god!! I like today' short ES!))
  • ANSWER: Good!)
  • QUESTION: When your LRA mentoring begins?
  • ANSWER: Plan in March. You will receive an email notification if you fill out the Form.
  • QUESTION: thanks to LRA I start to trade profitable!
  • ANSWER: good news!
  • QUESTION: I like Locked-in Range Analysis
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thanks for the reports!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thanks for your book and LRA!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Like yesterday's indices short! Thank you
  • ANSWER: Yes, a cancellation of the previous support LR plus a formation of the new resistance LR is a good signal to enter the short
  • QUESTION: Thank you for your Reports
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: thanks for the book Tom!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Great analysis
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: I love how simple and effective it is! The explanation is very good and clear!
  • ANSWER: Thank you
  • QUESTION: I'vev already earned more than the last 10 years of my "trading" in January. Thank you Tom! You are the greatest market guru!!!!
  • ANSWER: Thank you. Yes, LRA is like a grail in comparison with other methods of analysis. January is really a very profitable month
  • QUESTION: Thanks for your reports. Subscribed!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Loved your LRA guide, got some much-needed information thanks!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thanks for the best method!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Great knowledge
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: thank you for the LRA book
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thank you for the Analysis and Reports! LRA is the one method which helps me to make money for the first time for the last 4 years
  • ANSWER: It's my pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thank you for the book too
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: finally I have learned the method of analysis that really helps to trade
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thanks
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thank you
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thank you for the book
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: I use method like LRA for 5 years! Your LRA analysis saves me time!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Why your book is free? I paid thousands of dollars for this information long ago
  • ANSWER: I want people don't spend time for trading and are engaged in real business
  • QUESTION: Yeahh Ive made 14000$ yesterday! Thank you a lot!!!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thanks
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: Thank you for the book!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure
  • QUESTION: I love LRA!
  • ANSWER: My pleasure